Hauling Your Gear Into the Wilderness Without the Hassle


As the term “landscape photographer” implies, the photographer must go to where the best landscape is found. That may be in some fairly isolated locations.  In order to record the scenery, the photographer should have a camera and assorted accessories that make the creation easier.  Getting to where the landscape is may require hauling your gear into some fairly remote areas.

Don’t get me wrong, it is great to get into the natural environment and create art with your camera.  But carrying the necessary gear can be heavy and bulky.  Many advocate a minimalist approach.  But what I have found is just when you thought that you have the basic gear needed, the opportunity for a shot requiring the lens that left at home is key.

Believe me I have tried an array backpacks and bags.

Backpacks provide an easy way to carry your equipment. Many packs are equipped with a belt strap to transfer some of the weight off your shoulders and onto the waist.  The problem with the backpacks is whenever you want to change the camera’s lens or add a filter, it becomes necessary to remove the pack. This requires you to locate a level surface to place the backpack.  Finding a spot requires time, and often time is of the essence.  Light changes, clouds move, or any number of conditions alter, changing the scene. The moment is lost.  Your opportunity is squandered in the search for a piece of equipment.

Shoulder bags, when filled with all the necessary equipment, are heavy and one shoulder bears the burden of the load.  I found that I had to continually move the bags from shoulder to shoulder to relieve the stress.  Though it is easier to access the equipment, it is difficult to shoot with a heavy bag on your shoulder. Again, it becomes necessary to search for a clean spot to set the bag.

After years of searching, the best solution I have found is manufactured by Lowe Pro.  Lowe Pro’s S&F Technical Vest is  designed with SlipLock™ System, it has a harness system created for outdoor photographers.  This system consists of a belt and shoulder system with loops to attach varying sized pouch for lens and miscellaneous gear.  The support system transfers the weight evenly along the shoulders and waist, making it easier to haul the load.

Your gear is easily accessible, when you need it.  Having the equipment within arm’s reach, makes changing lens and filters a quick process.  Minutes count when you are in the field and the light is changing.

About Gregory Colvin

Gregory Colvin Photography

“Inspiration for my art is found in the natural world. Being in the midst of nature is a tranquil and revitalizing experience. Early morning and late afternoon light paints the landscape with a soft glow, fog and mist create an air of mystery. Sunbeams streaming through the tree branches craft portals of mystic radiance. Reflections on lakes and streams produce a picturesque spectacle. Using the camera as a paintbrush, I attempt to recreate these visual sensations and share them with others. My mission is to share a love of the earth and a desire to protect it.”


U.S. Federal Government-F CCPAC Art Project- Seven pieces for new building in Orlando, Florida
ArtBuzz, The 2010 Collection- 1st Place for Photography –juried art book
Tampa Bay Business Journal- Book of Lists 2010- Artist- Chosen for the collection
Tampa Bay Business Journal- Book of Lists 2008- Artist-Chosen for the collection.
Manatee Art Festival-Honorable Mention-Photography Division Crystal River, Florida
Upper Tampa Bay Library Westchase Florida- Four pieces purchased by the Friends of the Upper Tampa Bay Library Art Committee and displayed in the newly completed library.
Tampa General Hospital- two pieces placed in the permanent collection for the new addition to the hospital.
“Make a Habitat of Art”- Habitat for Humanity Juried Silent Auction Fund Raiser – Two pieces accepted for auction
Keystone Civic Association Brochure- photography included in the permanent brochure, Keystone/Odessa
ArtBuzz, The Book- 2008 Collection- Juried art book created for collectors and art galleries internationally.
Hilton Hotels Homewood Suites- 5325 Avion Park Drive, Tampa Florida- Purchased for art collection.

Juried Art Shows and Exhibits

Naples Museum of Art 2009 “Florida Contemporary Exhibition” May-June 2009
Nancy Jacey Gallery- “Treasures of Perception” Show – September 2008
Nancy Jacey Gallery- “Art at the Speed of Light” Show- June 2008
Fifth Ave. Gallery-“100% Pure Florida” Melbourne Florida
Tarpon Springs 33rd Annual Art Festival- Tarpon Springs Florida-2007
Boca Raton Museum Fine Art Show- Boca Raton Florida-2007
ArtiGras-North Palm Beach-2007
St. Johns Fine Art Show-St. Johns-Jacksonville Florida-2006
Art Harvest-Dunedin, Florida-2006
New Tampa Arts “Under the Oaks”-New Tampa, Florida-2006
Downtown Art and Living Expo-Orlando Florida-2006
Manatee Fine Art Show-Crystal River Florida-2006
Kiwanis Art Show- Safety Harbor, Florida-2005

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